The Real Deal Though, Are Leo & Rihanna Dating? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Let us face it: Some Hollywood relationships make more feeling than the others. Needless to say they truly are hitched. They are both stunning and perfect for every single other. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin? This 1 came totally away from remaining industry. Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio? That coupledefinitely fits to the kept industry category. Considering that the rumors first started that DiCaprio and Rihanna are dating, the legitimacy of these relationship has been style of confusing.

Do not get me personally incorrect — i am maybe perhaps not saying they don’t really make an excellent set, they simply make a unforeseen set. It really is types of odd that their paths even would get a cross in the first place, particularly due to their age that is 14-year space. And from now on is really as good a period as any to have down seriously to business and find out whether DiCaprio and Rihanna are now a thing, because if they’re, we completely want to readjust my personal favorite celebrity few positioning. Well, that, if we do not figure out of the truth quickly, i am about asian mail order bride fourfiveseconds from wildin’. Whatever this means.

There is only 1 method to break this secret: work through the rumors piece by piece to find out if they are real or otherwise not. Prepared?

I Am onto you, DiCaprio. I shall break this case available.

Their Valentine’s Day Date

According to United States Weekly, Rihanna and DiCaprio went to a Paul McCartney concert together over Valentine’s Day week-end, where they certainly were spotted “standing very near to each other because they took into the music and slipped away quietly together halfway through the show.” you can find pictures of these making the function, that they both would be at a secret, high-profile show, especially because of Rihanna’s recent collab with McCartney so they were both in attendance — and it makes perfect sense. Nevertheless, you can findn’t images of them actually here together (that I’m able to find, anyhow) plus don’t a lot of people need to stand near to one another at a crowded concert?

Rating: 0/1 in support of maybe perhaps maybe not dating

The alternative Rihanna’s Dating DiCaprio’s Friend

Hollyscoop claims it isn’t Rihanna and DiCaprio that are dating it is Rihanna and DiCaprio’s buddy Richie Akiva, a fresh York nightclub owner. Since Rihanna and Akiva already have been photographed together (see above), this really isn’t that far fetched, also it would definitely result in the proven fact that Rihanna and DiCaprio are noticed into the place that is same often recently make more feeling.

Rating: 0/2 in support of perhaps maybe perhaps not dating

Rihanna’s Making Use Of All Her Game Up Up Up On DiCaprio

In accordance with just just exactly what sources near to the “couple” are telling Dish Nation:

Leonardo and Rihanna are receiving very near, and she simply adores him. A great deal to ensure word among her buddies is on him becoming her boyfriend that she has her sights set. Rihanna is not any shrinking violet and unlike lots of Leos model girlfriends shes got “a great deal of game” to help keep him on their toes. They are together at events as well as invested time alone at buddies vacation apartments in St. Barths.

Do you know what, anonymous supply? You are appropriate. Rihanna comes with great deal of game. And so they have actually been together at events. And we also all have actually our places set on DiCaprio becoming our boyfriends, and this checks out.

Rating: 1/2 in support of perhaps perhaps not dating

DiCaprio’s Planning To Meet Rihanna’s Family Members

And from now on, here comes Hollywood lifestyle, assuring us that DiCaprio and Rihanna certainly are a plain thing because DiCaprio’s traveling to Barbados to generally meet Rihanna’s household. Why? Because Rihanna has “always thought he was adorable. She really really loves their appearance, their sweet look along with his small nose.”

We really can not hear Rihanna explaining anybody’s facial features like that, and I also don’t see her going for anybody who had been too stupid simply to scoot over in the drifting home so he and his gf could both endure a shipwreck that is massive. Just just exactly How could she ever feel safe happening a cruise with him?

Also, if this relationship continues to be brand brand new, it is much too quickly become fulfilling the moms and dads. I will need certainly to call shenanigans about this one.

Rating: 1/3 in support of perhaps maybe perhaps not dating

The Verdict

Regrettably, I do not think RiRi and DiCaprio are dating at this time. In my own expert viewpoint, I would state it’s miles much more likely that this Richie Akiva thing may be the truth, and Akiva and Rihanna are down laughing somewhere that the news really believes she is dating his buddy, the small guy from Titanic, rather. There is certainly a silver lining, though: More DiCaprio for ordinary people. Exactly just What more do you want?

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